Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Maintenance is vital for the effective performance of your electrical equipment, as well as ensuring the safety of your team. Additionally, all electrical equipment in the workplace must be regularly maintained in order to comply with Bangladesh Health and Safety legislation. All electrical equipment requires regular servicing to ensure consistently reliable and efficient operation. Failure to perform regular maintenance can often result in system breakdowns, which can be time-consuming, difficult to repair, and costly.

How We Can Help you:

Corona Engineering Ltd boasts a team of qualified engineers who provides professional electrical maintenance services, offering a range of fully comprehensive maintenance contracts depending on your requirements. We

• Reduce the risk of workplace accidents or injuries
• Prevent equipment deterioration & downtime
• Improve electrical equipment performance
• Reduce inefficiencies in your equipment, increasing overall profit

CORONA GROUP can provide on-site inspection and maintenance services for our customers to ensure the constant and reliable function of your electrical equipment. These services cover the maintenance of complete 11KV and 33KV
Sub-Stations and Switchboards. We have the expertise and capabilities to support and accelerate Bangladesh’s efforts on its journey toward a fully decarbonised grid. As an industry leader in integrated power solutions, CORONA delivers full-service design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance solutions for the safe, efficient and reliable management of energy systems.