Corona Group provides turnkey solutions in the Power Distribution and transmission sector. Corona Group and its subsidiary companies are involved in the following categorizes of Power Distribution and transmission projects in Bangladesh.

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High Voltage Switchgear Distribution Boards Electrical Wiring Accessories
Medium Voltage Switchgear Circuit Breakers Low voltage and high voltage cables
Low Voltage Switchgear Motor Control Center Electrical & Electronic Testing Instruments
Oil Immersed and Cast Resin Distribution Transformers Magnetic Contractor & Thermal Overload Relays HRC fuses, semi-conductor fuses and High voltage fuses
Power Factor Improvement Plant Diesel and Gas Generators Bus Bar Trunking System
Power Factor Capacitors Power Transformer Power Factor & Protection Relays
Vibration Analyzer/Testing Systems Airport Noise Monitoring Systems Gas Detection Instruments (Portable & Fixed Type)
Battery Testing Sets Oil Testing Set High Voltage Testing Set
Load Break Switches 11KV & 33KV Protection Relays Switches & Sockets
 Corona Provide Electrical Solution for the Following Industries
 And for Infrastructure Requirements
• Power Stations
• Steel Industry
• Chemical & Pharmaceuticals Industry
• Oil & Gas Industry
• Sugar Industry
• Extraction
• Energy Production
• Petrochemical Industry
• Mineral Industry
• Mining
• Cement Industry
• Ceramic Industry
• Glass Manufacturing Industry
• Food & Beverage Industry
• Water Treatment Facilities
• Textiles Industry
• Pulp & Paper Industry
• Airports
• Office Buildings
• Shopping Centers
• Hospitals
• Apartment/Housing Complexes
• Public Sector
• Healthcare Infrastructure
• Telecommunication
• Transportation & Logistics
• Stadiums